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Our School Curriculum


At St Mary's our Reception Class children follow the EYFS Curriculum

At St Mary's Year 1 - 6 lesson's are based on the National Curriculum


The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum document sets out a clear, full and statutory entitlement to learning for all our pupils. It determines the content of what will be taught and sets attainment targets for learning. It also determines how performance of pupils will be assessed and reported.

The four main purposes of the National Curriculum are:

  • To establish entitlement
  • To establish standards
  • To promote continuity and coherence
  • To promote public understanding

The National Curriculum is prescribed in terms of:

The subjects to be taught:
Core subjects, Religious education, Numeracy, Literacy, Science, must be taught throughout compulsory schooling

Foundation subjects have more limited application: geography, history, design and technology, art, music, physical education and modern foreign language (spanish).

ICT (Information Communications Technology) is used in its own right and together with all National Curriculum subjects

Personal Social, Spiritual, Moral and Health Education


Whole school approach

The National Curriculum specifies the skills; knowledge and understanding which children at different levels of ability and maturity are expected to have by the end of each Key Stage (1 and 2) of their education.

The syllabus to be taught, specified in individual Subject orders:
The National Curriculum describes each subject in terms of Attainment Targets and a series of Level Descriptions for each subject and offers breadth, balance, relevance, progression and continuity. Differentiation is ensured when planning for teaching and learning. The literacy and numeracy strategies specify that all pupils must have a dedicated English and Mathematics lesson each day, without the work being integrated with other subjects.

Reception children are taught the Foundation Stage Curriculum which is carefully structured to meet the diverse needs of all children. By the end of Reception year all children will experience Key Stage 1 lessons in literacy and mathematics.
All children from Year 1 to Year 6 are taught the National Curriculum.
The Reception year covers the National Curriculum Framework for the Foundation Stage.

At St Mary’s we ensure that our Schemes of Work, and teaching and learning supports an education that fosters positive attitudes towards people and without prejudice regardless of background.

The school firmly believes in the following core principles of teaching and learning:

Ensure every child succeeds: provide an inclusive education with a culture of high expectations.

Build on what learners already know: structure and pace teaching so that students know what is to be learned and how.

Make learning vivid and real: develop understanding through enquiry, e-learning and group problem solving.

Make learning an enjoyable and challenging experience: stimulate learning through matching teaching techniques and strategies to a range of learning styles.

Enrich the learning experience: infuse learning skills across the curriculum.

Promote assessment for learning: make children partners in their learning.

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum St. Mary's is following, please contact the School Office.

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