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KS2 Results 2017/2018




Writing SPAG Maths

Average Progress Scores

Confidence interval in brackets








Average 'Scale Scores'

109 N/A 109 108

% of pupils who achieved expected standard or above

94% 84% 97% 94%

% of pupils who achieved a high level of attainment

48% 29% 42% 42%


The combined score of writing, reading and maths was 84% 

The combined score of writing,  reading and maths at greater depth  19%

The above table shows the SATs results for our Y6 cohort in 2018.

The score for each individual subject, for each child, is converted to a scaled score. A score of 100 or above indicates that the ‘age related expected standard’ has been achieved.  A score of 110 or above indicates that ‘greater depth’ has been achieved.  The number of children who score 100 in reading, writing and mathematics calculates the ‘combined’ percentage for the school and this is the result that is published in the press.

We are delighted with the results of all our children and commend the hard work of the pupils, teachers and parents.

Writing has and will continue to be a target of whole school improvement this year.

Please see the link below for the DfE School Performance Table.


Department for Education School performance tables
Department for Education School performance tables