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KS2 Results 2016/2017




Writing Maths

Average Progress Scores

-2.2 0.1 -2.2

Average 'Scale Scores'

104   103

% of pupils who achieved expected standard or above

75% 84% 75%

% of pupils who achieved a high level of attainment

19% 25% 22%

The above table shows the SATs results for our Y6 cohort in 2016.

The score for each individual subject, for each child, is converted to a scaled score. A score of 100 or above indicates that the ‘age related expected standard’ has been achieved.  A score of 110 or above indicates that ‘greater depth’ has been achieved.  The number of children who score 100 in reading, writing and mathematics calculates the ‘combined’ percentage for the school and this is the result that is published in the press.

At St Mary’s the staff work as a team to ensure that all our pupils fulfil their full potential and, supported by the Governing body, we use a reflective and responsive approach to any issues that arise.

This year, the individual subject scores were at or above the national average for both those achieving the expected and the greater depth standards.  While our combined scores fell very slightly below the national average this year, we are addressing this by closely monitoring all the children to ensure that we support and develop their perseverance and time management skills and specifically targeting any gaps that might occur for a number of reasons.

To support this going forward and following the successful implementation of RWI phonics, we have also introduced ‘Cracking Writing’ which will ensure a consistent approach across the school as we continue to hone and develop the children’s writing skills.  Under Miss Egan’s leadership, the teaching staff are evaluating and selecting resources to enable the school to adopt a whole class ‘shared reading’ approach.  This will give all children opportunity to access more challenging and thought provoking literature through a number of high quality texts by a wide range of authors.  We are looking to introduce this in the Summer Term this academic year.