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Features Of Teaching And Learning Of Religious Education At Our School

Religious Education is the 'golden thread' that runs through the entire curriculum and school life at our school. All staff strive to ensure that the Catholic nature of St Mary's permeates all aspects of school life. Staff relationships are developed in a wholly Christian way and provide excellent role models for children.

The majority of our RE lessons include a quiet, reflective time for pupils to consider the meaning of their learning for themselves and to relate it to their day to day lives thus developing the spiritual life of the children and adults supporting them.

Prayer tables occupy a prominent place of importance in each of our classrooms. RE displays reflect current themes and are a celebration of children's work and achievements.

RE books are special and precious to both children and teachers evidenced by the quality of work, presentation and their care. They record the thoughts, experience and response of the children to the lesson and children are encouraged to focus on the theme of the lesson, recall their own experiences and relate these to the teaching of our Catholic faith. The children deepen their understanding and knowledge about our faith and as a consequence they learn how to use their knowledge in everyday situations.

The lessons are differentiated according to the activities set, the quality of questioning by the teacher and the resources used to explore and record their children's work. Cross curricular links are explored, the children have opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding through a variety of mediums such as art, music, drama, literacy etc. Other skills are enhanced such as speaking and listening, and reading and writing.

The RE curriculum is well resourced, with children having access to a range of resources that enhance and extend their learning including ICT. Visitors to school and educational visits off-site are used well to broaden the children's religious experiences.