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Assessment without Levels

At St Marys we believe that effective assessment provides information to improve teaching and learning. We give learners regular feedback on their learning so that they understand what it is that they need to do better. This allows us to base our lesson plans on a detailed knowledge of each pupil.

We give parents throughout the year both verbal and written reports on their child’s progress so that teachers, children and parents are all working together to raise standards for all our children.

Currently we are in a transition period, since the removal of National Curriculum Levels descriptors and the implementation of the New Curriculum. During the period of transition (Autumn 2014) we will continue to use the existing national curriculum levels which will run alongside best fit judgements in relation to children’s progress in terms of age expectations in Years 1, 3, 4 & 5. Years 2 and 6, however will continue to be assessed against national curriculum levels only for the remainder of 2014/15 academic year as directed by the Department for Education.

File icon: pdf Parents guide to progress and attainment 2018.doc [pdf 322KB] Click to download