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The Duckling's are back!

Reception class could not believe their eye's when we received our new duckling eggs. 

We were very excited when two eggs hatched the same day with the rest of the duckling's hatching the very next day. The ducklings spent the weekend with Miss Egan and as soon as they returned on Monday morning they were in the pool. We had a great week with the ducklings who returned to the farm on Friday.

Day 8 - Quiet day!

It was a quiet day in Reception day as the children went to Paradise Wildlife Park. The ducklings look like they have grown even more!

Day 7 - Ducklings go for a swim!

The ducklings went for their first swim today outside. They loved being in the water and the children enjoyed watching them!

Day 7 - Duckling come out to play

The ducklings have grown so much over the weekend. The ducklings had an outing into the classroom today, where the reception children had a chance to see them very close up.

Day 4 - Ducklings are growing daily

Our ducklings are very fluffy and getting bigger every day. It is hard to believe they are only three days old. They have been walking around today but still sleeping quite a lot. They have gone home with Miss Egan for the weekend and will return Monday morning.

Day 3 - All ducklings have now hatched!

It was a very exciting morning in Reception this morning.

All six ducklings have now hatched and have spent the day cuddled together.

Day 2 - We have Ducklings

Reception were very excited this morning, as we now have two ducklings. There are two more now hatching and hope they will be fully hatched by the morning!

Reception Ducklings

Reception are very excited with the arrival of eggs yesterday. The ducklings are due to hatch today!