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Sports Premium Funding At St. Mary's

Our P.E. Curriculum

P.E. develops pupils’ physical competence and confidence as well as their ability to utilise these developments to perform a range of activities.  The self-discipline and collaboration expected of the children in sport impacts positively upon behaviour in the classroom.  It creates a positive work ethic and optimism, which are skills that are transferable to the real world and can be taken with pupils throughout life.  The school currently provides a minimum of two hours of P.E. where skills are taught through physical education lessons as well as swimming lessons.   A wide range of P.E. aims to engage and inspire all pupils.   At present, this curriculum is delivered by inspirational coaches from the ELMS Sport in Schools who provide high quality lessons.

School Aims

In addition to the provision of P.E. lessons at St. Mary’s we also look for the following:

  • All children engaging in healthy exercise at least once a week in addition to their P.E. lessons.
  • All children having an opportunity to engage in healthy competition with their peers and others in Inter-School competition.
  • All children being offered the chance to participate in after school activities that promote physical education, sport and healthy lifestyles.

Partnership Work

Our school is part of the Waltham Forest Sports Network which meets regularly to organise competitions for the children and share good practice. We find this beneficial as it gives our children the ability to participate frequently in Inter-School competitions that promote teamwork, sportsmanship and perseverance.  This network includes other local primary and secondary catholic schools as part of the Aquinas Teaching and Learning Trust.

After School Activities

Over the last few years we have offered a range of activities to pupils after school such as basketball, cricket, football, netball and tennis.  We evaluate the clubs based on attendance and pupils’ views.

Currently we offer the following clubs before and after school: football, karate, tennis, netball, gymnastics and multi-skills.

Purpose of the Funding

The government has given funding to schools for a specific purpose.  Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of sport, but they will have freedom to choose how they do this.

Possible uses for the funding may include:

  • Hiring specialist P.E. teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with primary teachers when teaching P.E
  • Supporting and engaging the least active children through new or additional Change4Life clubs
  • Paying for professional development opportunities for teachers in P.E and sport
  • Providing cover to release primary teachers for professional development in P.E and sport.
  • Running sport competitions or increasing pupils’ participation in the School Games
  • Buying quality assured professional development modules or materials for P.E. and sport.
  • Providing places for pupils on after school sports clubs and holiday clubs
  • Pooling the additional funding with that of other local schools.

 St. Marys Primary school has decided to use the funding in the following ways:





Sports Premium used for

Actioned By / Term


Effect on teaching, learning and participation

How will success be evident?

Success Criteria and Sustainability

Waltham Forest School Sports Network (WFSSN)



Autumn 2016


Supply cover to attend meetings


- Access to membership areas of network sites

- Youth Sports Trust memberships

- Access to KS1 and KS2 courses

- Primary leaders conference

Photos and reports from competitions

Gather feedback from students that are involved

Increase sport participation of the pupils in a range of sports

-          Winning one event

Fundamentals through football with Tottenham Hotspurs



Spring 2017


- improve confidence of teachers to deliver P.E. curriculum (especially KS1)

- provide high quality P.E lessons for students in curriculum time

- improve targeted students’ motivation toward learning by providing classroom support and mentoring.

- identify talented footballers that may be able to join the THFC academy elit player pathway or Tottenham Hotspur Ladies FC.

A class teacher will work alongside THF coach to improve confidence and ability to deliver a P.E lesson


Other opportunities to participate in inter-school competitions, tournaments and festivals – sports and non-sports based

Class teacher shadowing the THF coach can brief the rest of the staff with what was learned and pass on the different aspects that were learned.

Sport Move and Learn Health Project- Leyton Orient



Summer 2017


Improve knowledge of a healthy lifestyle

Increasing pupils physical activity levels

Improving pupil’s enjoyment of physical activity.


Healthy lifestyle enrichment project- a classroom based workshop sessions on healthy living, diet, nutrition and hydration.


Activities will be linked to national curriculum topics including science and PHSE

Year 5 students can lead an assembly based on what was learned during the workshop sessions to pass what they have learned to other year groups.

Reuse project sport in the school

Girl Empowerment days



Spring/Summer 2017


Female sports mentor to come into the school

to improve girls confidence, attitudes and participation in sport and physical activity (especially in KS2)

Subject leader to organise and monitor

Improve girls participation in sport in school from baseline

Improve girls confidence, attitude and participation in sport

Inter-School games fee and transportation cost



Spring/ Summer 2017


Including cover

Transportation for inter-school competitions in various sports. (football, cross country, sports day)

Subject leader to organise and monitor

Broaden the girls interest in a range of physical activities

Sports Leaders UK training and play leaders resources/ teacher inset days



Spring 2017


Training days for faculty lead to gain knowledge on promoting P.E. for all pupils.

Staff meeting after training for the rest of staff to understand ways to improve physical activity for their class


Improve physical activity in EYFS



Spring 2017


Update equipment to be used during P.E and morning or lunch break


Have pupils utilise equipment during break and lunch play periods to create more engagement and physical activity.

Fully resourced physical development allowing full access to all pupils including SEN children

Increase play at morning break and lunch time


Spring/Summer 2017


Organise games in different sports during lunch break


Create a more organised environment during break times and have pupils take part in different physical activity games.

Take photos, feedback from pupils involved along with writing about their experiences

Reduces incident of behaviour

Inspirational sport events/ competitions



Spring/ Summer 2017


Pupils to watch or take part in activities and events in London venues throughout the year.


Create motivation and inspiration and new opportunities and experiences for Pupil premium and all students

Take photos, feedback from pupils involved along with writing about their experiences

Improved quality of nonfiction writing

10% retainer




Emergency use for sport related activities or training.



Football coaching


Mark Hughes


Spring 2017


Use a semi-professional footballer to improve boys and girls football knowledge, mentality and skills.


Weekly skills training and team building to prepare for inter-school competitions.

Knowledge gained can be utilised in future years.

Team skills

Development of ball skills

Increase participation of SEN and Pupil Premium children in sports clubs


Spring Term

£300 plus kits if necessary

Target disadvantaged pupils/SEN to participate in sporting achievement


Pupils feedback

Fun and fitness

All junior children participate in one school club


Spring 2017

£200 supply cover


Sport clubs strategy implementation

-          Increase by 30%

30% increase or participate of pupils