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School Meals

St Mary's is very proud to announce that we have now achieved the Healthy School's Silver Award and Gold Award.

With the launch of our new kitchen in September 2014 we are now able to provide 'home' cooked lunches at St Mary's. Since then we have seen an upturn in the number of children taking up the option to have a hot meal at lunchtime. Also all Key Stage 1 children (Reception, Year 1 & Year 2) are entitled to a free school meal under the Government's Universal Free School Meal entitlement scheme.

For children in Key Stage 2 (Year 3 upwards) the price of a school meal is £2.35 a day payable via our cashless payment system 'school gateway'.

Menus can be downloaded for the term (see below).

You may be entitled to Free School Meals if you meet certain criteria, please click on the link below to find out if you qualify.

As an alternative option to a cooked meal, parents may provide their children with a packed lunch.

It can sometimes be a struggle to think of what to include in a lunch box to provide a nutritious, healthy and balanced meal. You may find the following information useful.

What does a healthy lunchbox include?

Children often tire of eating the same food each lunch-time so variety is key as well as colour, texture and a drink to prevent dehydration (and improve concentration).

Use the ‘Have you included...’ checklist below to ensure that your child has a good balance of food and drink in their lunchbox.

Have you included...

The Basics – a good portion of starchy foods to boost energy levels. Examples: different types of ‘bread products’ such as pitta, wraps, granary bread, bagels, baguettes, crackers, rice and pasta.

Fruit and Vegetables – try to include at least two portions. Examples: carrots, peppers, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, other salad vegetables, dried as well as fresh fruit.

Tasty Sandwich Fillings - Examples: cold meats, canned fish, hummus, eggs, cheese.

Dairy Food – try to include one portion. Example: yoghurt, fromage frais, cheese.

A Drink - water, diluted fruit juice

Packed lunches should be packed in a traditionally designed lunch box (no carrier bags, heart-shaped boxes or similar) and labelled clearly with the child’s name. Our trolleys are designed to accommodate a certain number of the ‘traditional style’ (square/rectangular) lunch boxes. These trolleys are moved daily between the foyer and playground and it is very important that lunch boxes are stored efficiently and safely to minimise disruption and avoid safety hazards. Packed lunch boxes must not contain glass bottles, fizzy drinks or sweets. The midday staff monitors this closely and if these items are found in a packed lunch box, parents will be contacted immediately.

Parents wishing to change options are required to give one week’s written notice. Changes will always take place from a Monday. However, in the case of Reception class pupils’ exceptions can be made and a shorter period of notice may be acceptable.

In the rare instances of a child suffering from a serious food allergy parents must inform the Headteacher in writing and this must be supported by a doctor’s letter.

Our Special Assembly Lunches

At St Mary's we are delighted to continue the practice of inviting parents of those children whose class is leading our whole school Friday assembly to join us for a school lunch on that day. This has proved very popular and has made assembly day even more special for the children and their parents. We endeavour to give as much notice as possible so that parents can plan for the day.

Link: Free School Meals