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Autumn 2018

The Governors recently had their annual day spent at St Mary's, which was another chance for many in the group to see the school in action.  The teachers had put together presentations on a variety of aspects of the school, including Whole Class Reading, the new approach to Mathematics and on what statutory assessments are demanding of children to achieve the various levels.  What was abundantly clear is how passionate the staff are to ensure they are giving the children the best level of teaching they can and how hard they all work. With this in mind, it was constructive that the afternoon presentation was on staff well-being and welfare. Throughout the day, the pupils proved themselves great ambassadors for St Mary's and all the Governors ending the day enthused about the work going on at the school.


Some of you may have seen us in the playground at pick-up on that day handing out leaflets asking for more parent helpers.  This remains an ongoing request as the financial pressures and existing demands on the teaching staff mean there is a very real threat of activities such as swimming or ‘away day’ trips  may no longer be viable without more parents chipping in.


The governors noted the excellent results across the board in the recent tests and wanted to record our congratulations to all the pupils, teachers and parents.

Keep up the excellent work.