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London 2017 World Championships - Olympic Stadium

Year 3,4,5 and 6 are currently enjoying a fantastic opportunity at the Olympic Stadium in the glorious sunshine, watching the London 2017 World Athletics championships. The children are cheering on the athletes and have an amazing view. Good luck to all the athletes who are competing today.

Year 2 and Miss Ward - Tottenham Hotspur Filming

During the Spring Term Year 1 and 2 were lucky to have Coach Danny Mitchell from Tottenham Hotspur Foundation come into their classes once a week in order to work with the class teachers during academic lessons and to teach and team-teach P.E. lessons, focusing on the five fundamentals of football.

The Premier League chose Tottenham Hotspur to create a video in order to show the work that Premier League Primary Stars do to engage children in the classroom and the sports field.   Coach Danny was then chosen and he decided for my Year 2 class to be the focus of the video.  A team of six camera and sound men came into our classroom on 10th May 2017 to film the children both in the classroom and in the playground during a P.E. lesson and this video has now been released!  You can view it by clicking on the following links:

The children in Year 2 loved having the experience of having Coach Danny in our class and the experience of being filmed and recorded in the classroom!  I hope you enjoy watching the Year 2 children in action!

Miss S. Ward

Key Stage Two and Assessment Lead

Good Citizenship Awards

On Friday 19th May 2017, Alessandro was awarded a Good Citizenship Award from Bishop Alan at Brentwood Cathedral.

Alessandro always demonstrates a positive approach to any situation he encounters.  He gives his very even when he finds things challenging.  He is a cheerful member of his class and a loyal friend which are great qualities to be recognised and celebrated.

Well done Alessandro on your achievement.