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All schools are required to keep an attendance register in which pupils are marked absent or present. In the interest of your children's progress the Governing Body expects parents to arrange holidays, days out etc, to coincide with school holidays. In line with recent Government legislation, the Headteacher is unable to authorise holidays or days off during term time. The duration of the school year is 380 sessions (190 days) and there is no provision for occasional absences. School holiday dates are provided early in the year to help families plan events.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School aims to encourage and support all pupils to achieve excellent standards of attendance and punctuality.

This is so that;-

  • All pupils can take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them in the school.
  • Children are able to create and maintain good relationships with other pupils and adults within the school community, thus developing their social skills and enhancing their emotional wellbeing.
  • The school is able to effectively safeguard all members of the school community.
  • Pupils learn good attendance and punctuality habits which will enable them to be successful in secondary and further education and in the workplace.